A little bit about us...

Rainbow Caterpillar was born online in 2010.  The brick and mortar store first opened its doors at Christmas 2012.

Our mission is to preserve and promote culture by providing parents the tools to transmit their children their own home language or a second or third (or fourth or fifth) language. Since children learn continuously and in all environments and situation, Hanoosh and Happie believe not so much in direct didactic teaching, as in supporting spontaneous learning through the same process of playing and exploring that children go through in the course of learning their primary language.

We believe that:

  • Languages connect us to one another
  • Our home language connects us with our past and bridges us into our future
  • Learning languages as early as possible helps expand our brains and makes us more flexible and better learners.
  • Languages unlock the world
  • Languages are fun!

PLEASE NOTE - We are available for school book fairs and festivals as well as community events.

Please contact us at 647-975-8800